You’ve heard it said “good things come in small packages” and no doubt that’s true. Unlike our young children and grandchildren, we (who are older and wiser) know that the biggest gift under the Christmas tree is not always the most valuable.

This past week at RCC , we hosted some very big , burly men from the Power for Life strength team , who not only wowed us with their feats of strength , they also delivered a HUGE gift to our church — namely 350 decisions for Christ ! It was almost surreal seeing so many people stepping out of their seats and coming to the front to say YES to following Jesus.

Over the course of 3 days, the Power Team held 9 assemblies in our local public schools and each night they did a 90 minute performance at the church. They ripped phone books in two , blew up water bottles like balloons , lifted telephone poles over their heads , smashed concrete blocks with their bare hands , tore license plates and bent steel bars with their teeth. Sound crazy? It sure was! But it was worth all the craziness to see that many respond to the Lord.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to the RCC church family who donated funds , provided meals ( man can those guys eat ), delivered flyers, brought friends, worked as VIP counselors, set up and broke down the stage each night after the show. I would especially like to thank Ron and Amy Shirley for their hard work and dedication to the Lord and for their heart for reaching the lost.

Now the real work begins as we follow up on everyone who responded over this past 3 days. Pray that we will help many find their connection within the body of Christ and grow toward maturity. No doubt about it– good things DO come in BIG packages!


The other night we were wakened suddenly by the sound of hissing and clawing in the eaves of our attic. Creepy? You bet…..but what could it be up there? There’s nothing worse than standing around at 2:30am, knowing that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it–at least until morning.

My best guess is an opossum. They’re ugly, they’re nasty, they’re mean and they don’t back down easy! If anybody has an idea as to how to get rid of these creepy creatures, we are ready to hear it.

Things do go bump in the night. Sometimes it’s the wind, sometimes things do fall over and SOMETIMES it’s a REALLY BIG SQUIRELL or an unwelcomed OPOSSOM!